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Audi Piloted Driving Revealed at Consumer Electronics Show

Audi Piloted Driving technology has been revealed at last week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (8-11 January 2013), the world’s most important electronics trade show. Audi’s Piloted Driving technology stunned fans, by introducing them to the prospect of a self-driving Audi car.

Audi’s Piloted Driving system looks to take the stress out of urban driving, introducing hands (and feet)-free driving in traffic jams. At speeds of between zero and 37mph, the system helps steer the car, accelerating and braking autonomously. It also reacts cooperatively to cars moving into or out of lanes.

With the Audi Piloted Driving system, cars can also maneuver autonomously in and out of parking spaces in above-ground and underground parking garages.
How Audi Piloted Car Parking Works

  1. Driver activates the function with smartphone app. Parking garage’s central computer guides vehicle via WLAN to the nearest available parking space
  2. Laser sensors in the parking garage record car’s movements; the computer processes these to produce the precise location of the vehicle
  3. Garage uses this information to plan the route and guide car to its destination.

The Audi Piloted Driving system is about to enter the practical phase – Audi is currently in the process of equipping a parking garage in Ingolstadt with the necessary technology.

And fans weren’t the only ones left impressed by Audi Piloted Driving. US Popular Science Magazine awarded Audi’s piloted driving system its “Product of the Future” award. Online technology publication The Verge also deemed it “Best Automotive Technology” at this year’s CES trade fair.
Take a look at the Audi Piloted Driving video below for a sneak preview into the Audi technology of tomorrow:


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